Beginning My Newest Race

I have always loved to write. It just comes easy to me. I know, it sounds absurd: a college student who actually enjoys writing papers. Well, that is me in a nut shell. I was never the musical prodigy or the art genius. I did, however, play the violin for a year, and the piano for three. Needless to say, I had the musical competency of a dog. Except the music I created was more of a bite than a bark.

Another one of my passions is fitness. I run Cross Country and Track for a Christian Liberal Arts school in Illinois. Running [and writing about it] is my creative outlet. If I am ever having a rough day, a run will make it all better [Usually. Occasionally I have my days where I loathe running just as much as the average human being].

This being said, I thought I would combine my two loves: Running and Writing. Although I do not play any other sports, this blog will be a blend of running, health, fitness, and any other sporting news that strikes my fancy.

Enjoy! đŸ™‚


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