Alright, this is the second half of the Emotional Appeal post. (The website wouldn’t let me post two videos on one thread, so that’s why 🙂 )

This video, created by Chipotle, has over 3 million views in one week. Executives at Chipotle created this commercial to advertise their “no chemicals” platform.

The commercial itself only boasts the company’s name once. Although there is a little bit of false advertising (the commercial makes Chipotle seem like a vegetarian chain), the commercial itself sheds a bright light on the processed foods of today.

This is a topic that I am very passionate about, and that many people are too scared to talk about. I have to give Chipotle props for this commercial because I believe they are trying to start a new movement: to get rid of processed foods traced with chemicals.

Where is the emotional appeal, you ask? Just look in the eyes of that poor cow in the factory and tell me that your heart doesn’t break in half.

This is a superb commercial, designed by some of the nation’s best animators. It’s also pretty fun to watch, so check it out 🙂


Using My Emotions Against Me: Part Two

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