What Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College Have in Common


Even though the government is currently shut down, it will be back up and running shortly. This is the time to think about what the government is mandating, and come up with a plan of action while they are on leave.

The First Amendment states: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

The government shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. Why, then, is the government offering exemptions for their new mandated morning-after pill coverage in provided health care to some institutions, but not to the Catholic Church or openly Christian institutions?

The morning-after pill, otherwise known as Plan B, is a drug that one can take after unprotected sex. According to WebMD, the morning-after pill may prevent or delay ovulation or it may interfere with fertilization of an egg.

Earlier this summer, Dr. Phillip Ryken, the president of my college, Wheaton College, went to Capitol Hill with an organization of the Catholic Church to stand up against this mandate.

Hobby Lobby, an art supply store with 500 stores in 41 states may close all of their stores because of this mandate. The openly Christian organization holds Christian standards in their service, and closes their doors every Sunday. Because of their beliefs, the CEO of Hobby Lobby addressed this issue in the article below.


In the article, the CEO said that the company is currently in a lawsuit in efforts to be exempt from this government mandate. Even if the lawsuit does not go through, the store will not offer the morning-after pill to their employees, thus shutting down all 500 stores because they do not follow the rules established by the government.

Although according to secular standards, the morning-after pill is not an abortion pill, most Christians believe it is. The Bible says, in one of many passages that tackles this topic: “You guided my conception and formed me in the womb.” Job 10:10.

This verse and many illustrate that we were known by God before the beginning of the World, and we were formed at conception.

Hobby Lobby, Wheaton College, the Catholic Church, and many other organizations are fighting this mandate.

Whether you are a Pro-life or Pro-choice, or frankly do not care, this is not an abortion issue or even a religion issue. This is an issue that our own government is going against the very the law that was formed to make us different from other countries. If we cannot uphold the Constitution, how are we any different?

America the Free is no more. If the government can take away our rights as people, we cannot claim that we are a free nation. Our government is not doing it’s job.

Maybe the government has been shut down for longer than we think.


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