Shooting at Capitol Hill “an Isolated Event”

BREAKING NEWS: Only three weeks after the shooting at the U.S. Navy Yard, there was another shooting in the United States today around 2:20pm.

In an attempt to ram the barriers down outside of the White House early this afternoon, a woman opened fire in a car chase which ended at Capitol Hill. The woman was driving a black sedan reportedly with a child in the car as well. The high-speed chase ended on Maryland Avenue and 2nd Street, where the woman opened in an exchange of gunfire with the police.

The U.S. Capitol was put on lockdown immediately after congressmen and women heard shots outside. They were meeting to pass a bill for funding the National Guard. An hour later, the Capitol flashed “all clear” messages throughout the building. Early reports say that the police shot and killed the woman while she was firing shots, but now reports are inconclusive.

At least one police officer was injured, and reports say that the child who was with the shooter is unharmed.

Capitol Police have identified this as an “isolated incident” and not terrorist attack.

Watch coverage live at Fox News

Below are tweets from representatives whilst on lockdown in the building.




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