To My Friend, My Sister, My Future Daughter, and My Future Self

Hello precious one. I wanted to pass on some things that I have recently learned (finally!) in order to possibly spare you some heartbreak, or even merely let you know that the things you are going through are not abnormal.


You have heard it before but I’m going to tell you again: never let a boy define your worth. Yes, it is true, you are not beautiful, cool, sexy, desirable, smart, or worthy because of the boy you are dating or pursuing. You are, however, beautiful, cool, sexy, desirable, smart, and worthy with or without a boy.


Perhaps that’s a little confusing…let me clarify. You are all of these things and more simply because you are you. That’s right. You are already wonderful, and you do not need a boy to make you those things.


But, (this is the exciting part) one day you will be even more wonderful because of the man you are with. One day, you will find a man who is perfect for you in everyway. Now, do not misunderstand what I am saying, he will not be perfect. I am sorry, but he will not be prince charming. He will not always be the nicest guy in the world. I guarantee you sometimes you will not even want to be around him. He will not be perfect, but, he will be perfect for you.


You see, I believe in a God who knew you before you were even thought of by your parents. I believe in a God who formed you, your life, your heart, even before you were conceived. I believe in a God who loved you before you existed.


This same God already knew the people who He was going to place into your life for a purpose before you could even talk. He knew who your best friend would be, and why, before you could breathe. He knew who you would marry before you could love.


And this man will help you to become the woman that God knew you could be before you even knew your own name.


So, do not waste your time on boys who do not challenge you to be better. Do not waste time on boys who do not pursue you. Do not waste time on boys who treat you like another conquest, another trophy for the shelf.


You are already beautiful. You are already loved. You are already smart. You are already worthy of everything this world has to offer. But one day you will meet the MAN that God has picked out for you. This man will make you forget all of the boys you knew before. This man will tell you everyday that you are beautiful, loved, and smart. And he will make you want to be better.


But, you have to prepare yourself for him. You have to be all of those things and more for him as well. As much as the world likes to tell you this man is for you, you have to remember, you are for him too.


Pray everyday for him. Pray that the Lord will strengthen him through adversity, pray that He will protect him through pain, pray that He will guide his ways. And pray that God will prepare you to be the perfect woman for him.


So, stop wasting your time on these boys who treat you like yesterday’s news. Stop wasting your time on boys who would rather play a game with you than win the prize that is you. Stop wasting your time on boys, and prepare yourself for your man.


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